Tuition and Fees



New Families Pay $9,480 Per K-8 Student with $1,100 Grant!**


New Student Application Fee : $50 for grades 1-8*; $75 Kindergarten* (includes testing)
Standard Tuition Rate: $10,580 per student in K-8; $11,250 per Pre-K student 
Reservation Fee: $100 per child*
Registration/Classroom/Supplies Fee: $250 per child*
* Kindergarten Supplemental Supply Fee $100*
* 8th Grade Supplemental Activity Fee: $225*
* Experiential Learning Fee $75* (6th Grade) or $150* (7th Grade) for overnight experiential learning programs
Volunteer Credit Requirement (Buy-out): $500 per family*/$250 per parent*
Fundraising Commitment:   Yearly total SCRIP purchase of $3,500 July to May
Fundraising Commitment Buy-out: $500 per family/$250 per parent deadline Oct 1
  * – These fees are non-refundable

 Extended Day Program (EDP) rates & fees:     Click here for EDP rates and information
EDP Registration fee: $100.00  per family  (Non-Refundable)
Late pick up EDP: $15.00 per child will be assessed for every part of a 5 minutes interval after 6 P.M.
Change plans : $50.00
Drop-ins: $40.00 per period use (a.m. or p.m.)

All tuition and fee payments are made thru TADS Tuition Program in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Any question or concerns about financial agreements please contact the Tuition Office at 301-593-0357 or at the Rectory

Parents/guardians who enroll their children in St. Bernadette School will be required to sign a tuition contract.  The Parish Finance Council establishes tuition rates and schedules.  All tuition payments are made to the parish finance office in accordance with the terms of the contract.  Late fees will be assessed for payments made after the due date.  The parish finance office reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student whose family fails to satisfactorily meet tuition payments according to the terms of the signed tuition contract.  According to Archdiocesan Policy #3506, the parish finance office reserves the right to withhold a student’s school records, including report cards, to parents or any other school when the family fails to satisfactorily meet tuition and/or assigned fee payments.  All fees must be paid in full or a student may not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises.  Tuition will not be refunded once it has been paid under any circumstances, including transfers or expulsions.

**We understand that facing the real cost of tuition for the first time can be intimidating for new families to our school.  We also are confident that the education and experience at St. Bernadette School will be so good for your children and your family that it will be worth the sacrifice, confident enough that we will absorb $1,100 of that tuition expense for you during that first year.