Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for volunteering your time and talent for our school. That is the spirit that makes our school so wonderful. The tier credit program is a means to communicate possibilities for service and focus those efforts to achieve the financial benefits needed to help hold down costs for the school.

Current Opportunities

Links to current volunteer opportunities to fulfill tier credits will be updated and listed here as they are available.


HSA Volunteer Opportunities

School Fall Volunteer Opportunities Sign Up


Scarecrow Festival Volunteer Sign Up


Fall Festival Volunteer Sign Up


Pizza Friday Volunteers


75th Anniversary/Echo Dinner Volunteers


CYO Friday Snack Shack


Volunteer Credit Tier Requirement

Each school family is required to complete a minimum of 4 credit points of service. Single parent families are required to do 2 credit points of service.

Each volunteer position is assigned a “Tier” value. You must select positions whose Tier values total 4.

Parents are welcome to opt out of the volunteer program with an all or partial “buy out” option. If you choose to not perform volunteer positions, you may pay $500.00 or a portion thereof with each credit not completed.


Why Tier Credits?

1.  To encourage parental involvement in our children’s education and to increase and improve our fundraising and safety efforts.

2.  To provide an opportunity for parents to role model Christian service and provide each family the opportunity to promote a sense of community in our school.


The contents of the handbook below have been reviewed by the School Administration, Home School Association and School Advisory Board. In an effort to consolidate, we have listed only one position in many of the areas that have multiple listings for the same job. More than one position may be available of each type, so we can continue to add people to the position until all of the slots are filled. 


Volunteer Opportunities Overview(please note that some volunteer opportunities are not available due to COVID restrictions)

Tier credits are due to be fulfilled by the end and are reported using one form per family.